I’ve got something to tell you
Something you need to know
You walked into my life like you owned it
Like we met years ago

And I was fine without you
I was doing just great
until your Scandinavian truth hit me right in my fucking face

And I’m looking at you
Behind my computer screen
I’m screaming on the inside
Things are so much worse than they once
Used to be I cannot
Stand this truth:

Nothing that I do
can get me closer to you

Sofie, Sofie
Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?
Sofie, I’m sorry
I should have told you but instead
I’m standing here playing the fool…
For you

Oh I do know the words
you could say to clarify things
you might not know it
But you’re pulling the strings

This moment is perfect
In all its insecurities
But I know but I know I’ve got to open my eyes to face reality

When you’re looking at me
I can feel my knees go weak
I’m screaming on the inside
why can’t I just find the guts to break
from this state, please tell me;
is this fate?

(to) Run into my soulmate
only to find out she’s straight?

Sofie, Sofie
you make my head spin uncontrollably
Sofie, truthfully
I could have sworn there was something more
going on between us two…
Did you?