Goddammit Mike: has its roots in the Bunker of Eindhoven, the infamous student building close to the TU campus. This is where Bram, Maarten and Mike (yes, that’s him!) had been rehearsing with a varying bunch of other musicians long before. As luck would have it, when Nena moved to Eindhoven in the late summer of 2014, the trio had just said goodbye to their latest singer. Bram and Nena knew each other from playing in a band during high school and so he invited her to “come play along some time”. It didn’t take long before it was clear to everyone that they had found their new vocalist.

In the time after, the group grew steadily into a full-fledged band, including all growing pains that came with writing original songs and figuring out what their sound should be. After a night of musical messing about, the by now famous phrase “goddammit, Mike!” fell – and everyone realized that the band had a name. Goddammit Mike: had been born – including the colon.

At the same time, the band wasn’t the only thing maturing. Their repertoire of songs grew into a collection of catchy tunes, carried out more and more often on stage. Goddammit Mike: is going for their own sound, own niche, and an own fanbase – and you can be sure they’re gonna get it.



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